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Pregnant Woman in Nature

If we observe simple nature we can see that women's bodies were designed to carry offspring. Men do not have this capability, only women. Women are born with special organs & hormones intentionally created to bear children. This is a special wonder.

We are all human beings, including the ones in the womb. We know from science that an embryo, fetus, and baby are all life stages of a human being in early development. Modern science shows us that these souls have human DNA unique to that individual and that will never be repeated.

Baby Cuddles

In every human heart we know deep down that killing another human being is wrong. We can learn from history. The holocaust is the perfect example. In their day, Nazis probably thought they were justified in supporting mass murder. Today, these individuals are ashamed of what they did. People say, how were they so heartless? One day, everyone who did not take a stand against killing the unborn human, will feel the same shame. 

Pink Sand

Every momma has a natural instinct to love her baby. It goes against nature for a mother to kill her child. Deep down in the heart of each mom is a special love for her child. Once mommy and baby's eyes meet for the first time...she would do anything for her baby. It is love at first sight. Don't let anyone talk you out of your blessing and the greatest treasure of your life. Your own mini-me, your own offspring, your own legacy...and many, many years of pure joy.