Support a Mom in Need.

There are so many moms in need. Not only are we pro-life, but we are pro-woman and pro-baby. It's not easy to be a single mom or provide for a newborn especially when you have no help or support.


Please consider being a long term sponsor! You are able to frequent back to your favorite momma each month to support her financially through a difficult time.


Moms often have rental expenses, utilities, diapers, wipes, and other supplies for herself and baby which can be overwhelming. Each donation goes directly to the momma in need. We ask each mom to supply adequate proof of their situation and require an ID & address. 

Location: Missouri

Age of Mom: 

Age of Baby:

Date listed: 1/31/21

Kimberly's Story: Kimberly escaped a domestic violence situation after her abuser tried to kick her unborn baby. In 2020 she chose life and birthed her baby girl. She now lives alone and supports her baby on her own. This week her employer reduced her hours to only 2 hours per week. She is asking for rental help. Please consider supporting Kimberly. 

From Kimberly: Hello, my name is Kimberly. I have three children all under five years old to support. I am currently working at [un-named for safety] as a cashier, Making $9.50/hr. Due to seasonal inventory hours are cut after the holidays seasons. I struggle paying my electric bill which is $198.00. My rent is $500.00. Due to the pandemic my family and I have been affected due to the pandemic. Hours are being cut short and staff is short staffed. I try my hardest just to maintain but I have serious worries that pile up. Laundry, soap all cost plus diapers. 


If you could be so kind to this mother in need I sincerely appreciate you.


Kind Regards,

Kimberly Howard

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